andBeyond Announces Himalayan Small Group Journey

andBeyond Announces Himalayan Small Group Journey

The Trans-Himalayan Wildlife Journey, andBeyond’s latest small group offering in India, is sending travelers to the Himalayas to explore its little-known destinations.

Ladakh—one of the region’s least known destinations—is nicknamed Little Tibet. There, Buddhist monasteries are scattered across the landscape. Colorful teahouses emit fragrant aromas and prayer flags wave rapidly in the breeze, while imposing palaces overlook rustic villages. Travelers spend 14 days here.

Exploring the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, the journey is privately guided throughout by naturalist Surya Ramachandran. Travelers could track India’s largest predator, the Himalayan brown bear, as well as witness other rare high-altitude species that include the Eurasian lynx, Himalayan wolves, ibex, argali wild sheep, golden eagle and black-necked crane. Travelers can see various sorts of wildlife at the high-altitude lakes of Tsokar and Tso Moriri.

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The Himalayas, because of its separation from the wider society, has developed its own unique culture. Travelers will visit local villages and sites of religious significance. The itinerary allows for time to go inside one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in India, as well as to communicate with locals at the Shina travel village and Hunderman museum-village.

The next departure is scheduled for July 10-23 at a cost from USD 5,885 per person for the 14-day itinerary.

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